Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Simple Preps that could SAVE THE WORLD! Part II

I am sure that everyone can remember the famous movie line when Crocodile Dundee pulls out his huge Bowie knife and declares, "That's not a knife, THIS is a knife!"

While I certainly love a big knife as much as the next fella, most of them are just not practical to carry around everyday in polite society. 

Sure, once the balloon goes up, or the dead start walking around trying to eat what little brain that I have, it will be easy to explain away the Kabar Kukri strapped to my side; "Why yes, this is a knife and I am still happy to see you!"

However, until then, you should never be without a good sharp blade, but what to do?

In steps the CRKT Minimalist.  It comes in several iterations; from the modified Tanto (pictured below), the odd looking Wharncliff, to the very familiar Bowie; all of which I possess and carry depending on what mood I am in when I get dressed.

I have always been fascinated with small, sharp knives, however the main drawback to me has always been that fact that when a manufacturer made a small knife, it usually came with a small handle.  Just because I want a small knife doesn't mean that my hands suddenly shrink to be able to grip a lilliputian handle.

So when I saw the CRKT Minimalist series, I fell in love.  Here is a great blade, made by a reputable company that realizes that just because the blade is small doesn't mean that the handle has to be.

The micarta handled full tang knifes are a joy to use.  The handles are large enough for my largish hands and allows me full control of the small blade.  At no time do I feel that I have to sacrifice my grip to accomplish a task.

I wear one of the Minimalists around my neck at all times.  It cannot accomplish all tasks, but for what it is designed, it excels in its role.

I am in no way, shape, form or fashion associated with CRKT, with the exception of being a very happy customer. 

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