Monday, January 16, 2012

Simple Preps that could SAVE THE WORLD! Part III

Lights, Camera, Action!

Do you have lights and camera with you everyday?  No?  Why not?  A good prepper never asks "Why?", but "What if...?".

Quick story.  A few years ago I was at work in my office.  It's a old warehouse converted into fairly comfortable offices.  One of the downsides though, is no windows anywhere.  It was wintertime and we were getting hammered by freezing rain/sleet/wet snow.  One thing led to another and BANG, we heard the transformer just outside of our office blow sky high.  Instantly our office was plunged into darkness.  First thing that most folks grabbed was their cell phones.  Cell phones are a great all around prep item and work well for lighting, but unless you are just interested in what is happening in the 6 inches around your face, they aren't much good for lighting.

Me, being the good prepper that I am, reached for my Zebralight pocket rocket.


Instantly, I was the most popular guy in the office.  Escorting people outside the office to their cars, helping folks find their paperwork, making sure that all of the computers were unplugged so any surge wouldn't destroy them etc.  I had carried this light everyday since I owned it and had really only used it for personal use, but just like the rest of our preps, you never know when you may need something.

This light is the smallest (that I have found) cr123 flashlight that still actually has a reflector.  Sure you can get smaller flashlights, but most of them are just little LED's sticking out of the battery holder.  This little guy is a real, actual flashlight.

After that even, it has reaffirmed my choice to carry a personal light and I never go anywhere with out it.

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  1. Ever since I can remember, my mom has had a flashlight in her purse. I guess prepping is in my blood! Thx for another great post!