Thursday, May 24, 2012


How serious are you?

Stop for a second and think.  What would happen if right now BAM a "One Second After" type of event happened.  Take just a bit of time and really try to immerse yourself in that scenario.

What would be the first thing that you would do?  What would your course of action be?  What do you imagine your first hour, 12 hour, day, week would be like?

Do you seriously have a plan or do you just have a plan for a plan?

Are you playing prepper or do you have a firm, actionable plan AND the hardware/resources to carry out that plan?

Where are you right now?  How do you get to where you need to be?  What do you have with you to help you carry out that goal?  

What if that plan falls through?  What if that "little hidey hole back in a national forest that nobody else knows about but me" turns out to be the destination for half of your county's population?  Do you have an alternate Bug Out Land?  

What would you do for water?  Seriously.  Remember, the Shit just Hit the Fan.  What do you do today?  This is no longer hypothetical or a post on a forum, this is real and this is happening!

Rain water with a water filter?  Just this morning in my area, the weatherman said that the past two months have been the driest on record since the late 1800's.

How does that rain water sound now?  Have access to a river or pond?  Awesome!  How are you going to access it?  Do you have the necessary water prep/filter?  Is it in your possession or just "in your plan?"

What about food?  Do you have what you need for today?  I am sure that you do.  What about this week?  If you have found this page, you probably have that covered.  This month?  Hmmm, are things going to get a bit tight?

Human Nature.  I have been in a few places that have shown human nature is capable of stooping to any level to ensure survival.  This won't happen after a few months, this type of nature will begin to exhibit itself within hours.  How will you deal with it?

I am sure that most preppers have firearms pretty squared away.  What about ammo?  Is it in your possession or just "in your plan"?  I personally know preppers that have several high quality firearms but not enough ammo to even carry them through a decent day at the range without stopping by walmart to stock back up.

Do you have a plan to help people out?  Do you have the means and capability to carry out that plan?  Do you plan to help to try to build a community or will you be in "EMFH" (Every Man For Himself) mode?

What skills do you have to help build a community?  Database programmer?  Car Salesperson?  Lawyer?  Window Washer?  Probably not a big call for these fields in the PAW (Post Apocalyptic World).  Know how to raise livestock and manage a flock/herd?  Nice.  Know how to save seeds and raise a garden?  Awesome!

Putting ourselves in this mindset and getting out of the "planning to plan" stage just might, one day, save our lives!

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  1. Many valid points, This article made me realize I have some gaps that I need to address. Proper planning will take some of the stress out of a stressful situation that presents itself. It may also be what keeps you alive.