Thursday, February 9, 2012

DoomsDay Preppers

Overall, I was basically, Meh.

The first episode set the stage for those expecting it the show to be about whack-o's and weirdo's.  I sat through it mainly for its entertainment factor.

The second episode (aired right after the first) made me sit up and pay attention.  I really liked the "gourmet prepper" folks.  They seemed like they were living well, prepping well, and overall had a pretty level head on their shoulders.  They weren't giving up living to secure their life.  They had some serious food prep items, but the best part to me was the fact that she knew how to use it.  It wasn't all about beans and rice (I feel ashamed) but about real actual good food.  Plus I will certainly be implementing the process that she showed on how to long term store fresh eggs.  When I saw this, my chickens took on a whole new aspect to me.

To me, the jury is still out on whether this show is worth spending time on, but for now, I will continue watching.

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