Monday, April 30, 2012

Close food part Duex

Well, here it is almost May and my crops are still not in the ground.  It turned off a bit cool, but also had a few rainy days here that prevented me from re-plowing my garden to get it ready to plant.  I finally got it done over this past weekend, but didn't have enough time to plant.  I will be planting this week in the evenings, so I will post a few things about that when I do.

On a completely different note, I finished my new quail cage, so when the 20 eggs get out of the incubator, they will have a new home to move into.  I started raising couternix quail last year, but wanted to keep my brood small until I decided if I wanted to move forward with them or stick with chickens.

I have decided to increase production on the quail due to the lighter requirements (foodwise, they eat less than the chickens) plus the much faster turnaround time (after hatching, they are either ready to lay eggs or butcher in about 8 weeks).

My plan is the increase production to the point where I can harvest about 4 - 6 quail per week to supplement my families diet.

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