Monday, November 28, 2011


I don't know if anyone reading this is into the hit TV series "The Walking Dead", but it is quite a popular show and invokes quite a bit of discussion at my place of employment and almost everyone in my back office, from the owner of my company, the VP, all the way down to little old me is eager to discuss the latest episode each week.

Last night's episode which was the mid-season finale, had one of the main characters (Shane) basically have a mini-meltdown when it was revealed that there were "walkers" in the old man's barn.

Some of my co-workers felt that Shane should have been dealt with since he was causing a significant level of anxiety in the small survival group. 

However the owner of my company had a different take.  He said that Shane was one of the few that had made a paradigm shift into the new reality. 

Rules had changed, the old "morality" was no longer in effect.  For better or worse, as a survivor, you had to make choices that you would never make in the "old world". 

As the owner was talking about this, this struck me particularly hard.  I tried to step out of my soft, cushy office chair, out of  the heated, air-conditioned completely pacified office environment and put myself into a state of mind where I and my family's survival were dependent on the choices that I made.

Would I be like Rick, the Sheriff, and be willing to give up some measure of my families safety to appease and pacify someone who was clearly delusional and not able to accept reality? 

Or would I be more like Shane, and be willing to change my paradigm and make the decision to do what was necessary to secure the safety as much as possible?

I still don't have the answer to these questions.

Take a bit of time out today and think about what you might do in a similar circumstance.

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